About Us

Founded in 1905 and serving customers at our present location since 1945, R.H. Rohrer & Sons is an independent, family-owned manufacturer and distributor of animal feeds. Rob Rohrer is the latest member of the family to manage the business, and he is fully involved in our operations.

Rob has a degree in animal science from the University of Delaware and serves as company president and nutritionist.

Our mission is to adapt to and meet our customers’ changing requirements, and because of those evolving needs, the equine market is now the biggest part of our business. To make the world a better place for horses, we have added many services to promote equine health, energy, and performance. We also serve the requirements of many other animal species.

We also know how important proper nutrition is for pets and can help you find the right food for your pet while considering species, age, and lifestyle.

Our customers are loyal to us because we offer friendly service and animal food supplies at fair prices.

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We are a member of the Southern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce.