Rohrer's provides the best in animal feeds and much more. You can also call on us for nutritional services, animal health and welfare advice, and Free Delivery of your orders. The important services that we offer include:

Hay Testing

All hay is not equal in nutritional value. The Eye Test can give you a superficial idea of the quality of your hay, but only a hay analysis will let you know if your horse is truly getting the nutrients necessary for optimal performance and health.

A hay analysis will supply you with vital information, including:

  • Dry Matter
  • Crude Protein
  • Acid Detergent Fiber
  • Neutral Detergent Fiber
  • Water Soluble Carbohydrates
  • Digestible Energy

Hay provides between 50 and 90% of a horse's total nutrients, and testing will assure you that your horses are receiving all the nutrition that they need. Hay that looks good may still be deficient in some nutrients, and a hay analysis is an important tool for horse owners to assure their horses' nutrition. Because forages should make up the greatest portion of the horse's diet, performing a hay analysis is a simple tool to ensure a properly balanced ration.

Body Scoring

A trained eye can tell a lot about a horse's health. This assessment will let you know if your horse is carrying the right amount of body fat, too little, or too much.

Water Testing

Testing your horses' water will assure you that their water is clean and not a detriment to their health. Testing your well's water for bacterial contamination on an annual basis is sound practice.

Grain Testing

Just as it's vital to know the nutritional power of your hay, it's equally important to know the quality of the grain that your horses are receiving. Our testing will let you know how good your grain is.

Fecal Testing

Tapeworms and other parasites can drain your horses' strength and energy. Fecal testing can detect the eggs and prevent health problems.

Animal Nutrition Consulting

Our experts will spend all the time necessary to learn about your animals and to determine the feeds that will enable them to maximize their performance and to be their healthiest.